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Water Dessert Jelly

Konjac Gum provides the following advantages in dessert jellies:
Cost effective
Minimal syneresis
Contributes to gel clarity
Provides higher melting temperature and higher gelling temperature

Konjac is an excellent gelling agent that exhibits a wide spectrum of textural properties. It forms transparent thermoreversible gels with minimal syneresis. It melts at high temperature and has the ability to gel at room temperature thus, refrigeration is not required.

Synergistic Effect with Other Hydrophilic Gums:The combination of konjac and carrageenan can result in obvious synergistic effect. When konjac and carrageenan are formulated at a ratio of 1 :4, the intensity of the produced gel reaches the highest; when formulated at a ratio of 4 :1, the gel reaches the maximum viscosity. The carrageenan colloid added with konjac gum features excellent elasticity and tenacity.