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Meat Application

Konjac in meat products is used as a small component but it has a big effect on the overall properties of the final product.

hamburger patty 
corned beef
luncheon meat
chicken nuggets
processed poultry 
processed turkey
Processed chicken

 Konjac YZ-J serve as natural meat binders and provide the following advantages in meat: 
1.Improves the quality of the finished product by enhancing its texture, sliceability, and mouthfeel
2.Increases the ability to retain water during and after processing
3.Increases the production yield through the incorporation of large volumes of brine solution into the meat
4.Stabilizes the fat-protein emulsion in meat, thereby preventing separation and consequently greatly improving cohesion of the meat particles and appearance of the final meat product
5.Readily dispersible on brine systems with little or no viscosity development until cooking begins
6.Provides stability to freeze-thaw cycling