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Pharmaceutical Application


Pharmaceutical Application 

Konjac is a good substitute for gelatin in hard and soft gel capsules.

YIZHI konjac functions in pharmaceutical products as follows:


l         Acts as gelling agent in antacid gels Gives stable emulsions for insoluble drug preparations

l         Film forming agent in crystal clear soft capsules ( vegetable origin)

l         Prolongs shelf life of antibiotic suspension

l         Enhances homogeneity in colloidal suspension


Medicinal Properties of Konjac- Glucomannan


Obesity: Glucomannan is known to reduce the uptake of lipids and cholesterol .This drastically reduces the amount of calories that are taken up by the body. Hence, people who are obese are advised to increase intake of konjac. It is also suggested that glucomannan could be responsible for reducing weight by not allowing uptake of glucose and sugars, which are highly calorific in value. It is also known to dilute the energy uptake as it itself does not have much caloric value.


Diabetes: Glucomannan is known to show hypoglycemic effects by inhibiting the uptake of glucose by the body . It is believed that it does this by preventing contact of the glucose with the intestinal walls for absorption. By reducing the amount of blood sugar, glucomannan can help patients with type II diabetes.


Constipation: Dietary fiber of all kinds helps in healing constipation. All dietary fiber absorbs water making the feces softer and this promotes intestinal motility. . Konjac glucomannan is no different and helps in the same way to heal constipation in patients.