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YIZHI Emulsifier

1. Konjac glucomannan is natural dietary fiber with heaviest molecular weight and highest viscosity, and has an extremely high viscosity.
2.Konjac gum has very high water holding capacity, which is able to bind hydro molecules as 200 times its original volume and turn it into a viscous liquid.
3.Because of its special ¦Â-1.4 linked structure of glucose and mannose,Konjac glucomannan is not affected by human digestive enzymes and contributes no calories.

Functional Applications:
1. Water holding capacity
Konjac glucomannan £篓KGM£© can be dissolved in cold and hot water, and it is able to bind water as much as 100-200 times. As a typical pseudo-plasticity fluid, its colloidal sol shows typical shear thinning phenomenon, which means that its apparent viscosity reduces with the increase of shearing rate. Thus the conditions should be strictly controlled when determining the viscosity.

2. Thickening property
KGM's high thickening property is determined by its heavy molecules, high water retaining capacity and uncharged-particle characteristic. Glucomannan solution with a concentration of 1% can have viscosity as high as 5000-40000mPa.s, which makes it a natural thickener with the highest viscosity. Konjac powder has the capacity that can make the products keep solid and moisturize structure after being heated, which is not available in any other ordinary thickeners.   

3. Stability
Compared with other thickeners like xanthogen gum, guar gum and red locust bean gum,kanjac gum is nonionic, thus can hardly be affected by the salt in the system. Under normal temperature, it can still keep stable when the PH value is lower than 3.5. Using konjac gum to replace red locust bean gum in dairy products as ice cream and milk products can restrict the growth of ice crystal to stabilize the product quality.

4. Jellying capacity
KGM has a unique jellying capacity. By putting a small amount of alkali into 2%¡ª¡ª3% konjac solution, heating to 850C  in water bath and keeping it still for two hours, an elastic, solid and irreversible gum will be Formed. By utilizing its thermo-irreversible characteristic, it may be used to make a variety of foods, such as konjac cake, noodles, bionic food and vegetarian food, etc.

5. Synergistic Effect with Other Hydrophilic Gums
Konjac gum and xanthan gum do not gelatinize when used alone but can form gel when used in combination under certain conditions and can result in the strongest synergistic effect at pH 5. When konjac gum and xanthan gum is formulated at the ratio of 3 :2, the intensity of the produced gel is the highest. The gel produced by combining konjac gum and xanthan gum is reversible and can turn into sol when heated, which can be restored to gel at the indoor temperature.
Besides, konjac and guar gum can also produce obvious synergistic effect if used together.